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Computer Help Page

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Hi Computer Buddies;


We all need help in using our computers, software programs and all the gadgets that we plug into these infernal machines.

Over the years I have found some interesting websites  that offer tips, tricks, tutorials and just plain "ole fashion"  help on many topics that You may find useful. Whether you are a "Rookie" or a "Seasoned Veteran" on computers I am sure you will find something here that you like.






For the True Beginner 



Beginners Computing   New





In order to view some of the presentations you will need Microsoft Powerpoint.



If you do not have it on your PC download  a free Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer














Kindergarten Computer Lessons 





Computer Tips

Learning the Mouse and Keyboard


More mousing



Keyboard Games



Computer Terms




Windows Basics






The Seniors Guide to Computers.







Internet 101






Windows Media Player 10




What's U3 Smartdrives all About ?











Microsoft Internet Explorer



How to use Internet Explorer 7



Mozilla Firefox



How to use Firefox




Apple Safari






Flock : The Social Browser



Google Chrome The New Browser from Google







Wiki's in plain English



Creating a Wiki



Free Hosted Wikis









Computer Tips and Help from around the Web 









Windows Basics from Microsoft      





 Windows 7 Tutorials     







Windows 8 Tutorials     




Windows 10 Help NEW





Windows 10 News and Tutorials  










E-Mail Tips                         









 Security Alerts 



Staying Safe Online




Practice Safe Computing .pdf  New






MS Office Tips









Free Online Cources




Computer Tutorials



More Computer Tutorials New




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