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Green Valley Computer Club

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Hi I'm Bob Ogus (Brooklyn Bob) an instructor at the Computer Club of Green Valley and this is my page for students and club members who wish some resource material and information on classes I am engaged in. I also have some computer tips, tutorials, videos  and interesting websites for you to explore and  enjoy..so let the surfing begin.  












Green Valley Weather





Android  * New



Android News   * New



Android Phones and Tablet News * New












Windows 7 The Succesor to Vista





Online links






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The Latest Hot Picasa Tips from the Web **New



New Picasa Tutorials Search  




Picasa 3 and Web Albums Help   New **




Picasa Help Forum  New**







  New **



Picasa Getting Started Guide  New **



Picasa 3 Features



Obscure Picasa Features









Picasa 3 Video Tutorials

   New !!









Quick PicasaTips



How do I import from my camera?



How do I import from my scanner?




What types of photo and movie file types does Picasa support?



How to Create Movie Presentations and Slideshows in Picasa 3




What are folders and albums?



How do I add a folder to Picasa?



How do I create a new album?



How can I import photos into an existing folder?



How do I save and unsave my edited photos in Picasa



Where does Picasa store my photos?



How do I add a keyword to a photo?



Does Picasa change my original photo?



Why can't I find some of my photos in Picasa?



How do I resize my photos?



What is "Save a copy"?



How do I save and unsave my edited photos?



How can I create a custom slideshow?



Can I play music with my slideshow?



How do I use another photo editing program with Picasa?



How do I create a new folder in Picasa? 



How do I edit the date of a folder?



How do I import photos from emails into Picasa?



How do I export in Picasa?



Can I export photos to a memory card?



How do I get Picasa not to scan bad or corrupt files?



Can I send photos from Picasa using my Google Account for Gmail?



How do I create a gift CD?



How do I create a backup?



Can I play my Picasa DVD on my DVD player?



How do I make a screensaver?




How do I set my photos as Wallpaper?



How do I create a poster in Picasa? 



How do I uninstall Picasa?



How do I back up my photos to another drive?



How do I transfer Picasa and my photos to a new computer?






More Picasa Answers





Picasa Help



Picasa Group



Google: Photo Blog



Sharing photos from Picasa using "Hello"



Picasa Web Albums



Picasa Templates and More



Downloading and Installing Picasa Templates



Picasa Fun and Tips




Even More Picasa Tools



Picasa How To Videos






Even More Picasa "How to" Videos




Still need more Videos ? Check this out





  Download Picasa 3    Here 



Download Picasa 3 for Mac 


















Google Search Tips


Google Search Features


100 google tricks 



Google Guide


Google Help


Google Help Groups


Google Groups


Google Directory


About Google





Google Powerpoint Slideshow






Free Powerpoint Viewer Download
















Gmail Overview and How to Open a Free Account



Gmail Tips



More Gmail Tips



Gmail Blog



Creating Labels and Filters in Gmail



I need Gmail help with



Gmail groups



Open a Free Gmail Account Here










Google Earth Users Guide



Google Earth Gallery



Google Earth Help




Download Google Earth Here 





Google Chrome 



More Google




Google Blog



Google Toolbar






Google Reader



Personalizing igoogle



Googlepedia Blog



Google Documents



Google Book Search



Google Calendar



Google Product Search (Formerly Froogle)



Google Scholar




Google Scholar




Google How To Videos









Computer Help Page






































Computer Club of Green Valley


Huntington Beach PC Buddy Club


Suprize AZ Happy Trails Computer Club


Oaklahoma City Computer Club


Rossmoor NJ Computer Club


Hilton Head SC Computer Club


Charlottesville VA Senior Center


Ocala FL


Hemet CA


Columbus Ohio


Cape Cod


The Oak Park Computer Club


The Lake County Computer Club


The Chicago Computer Society





 E-Mail me with comments, suggestions and ideas for classes






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